This year the Austin – Healey Club held its ‘International weekend’ at Woodland Grange Hotel on the outskirts of Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

How fitting that it should be held so close to Healey’s founding home in Warwick and so soon after the Warwickshire County Record Office launched its Healey Motor Company Archive catalogue.

I have been a volunteer on that project and when I learned that the AHC was having its annual ‘bash’ so close to home I decided to pay a visit and take a few photos of members’ stunning cars.

My first visit was on Friday evening, 7th July and what a very pleasant evening it was. I was able to chat to a number of members and within minutes made what I am sure will be an important contact. I am not going to embarrass anyone by mentioning names but the importance of the contact does not rest on the well presented (with unusual gold bronze paint work) AH 3000 MkIII but on the car that wasn’t brought to the meeting, a Jensen Healey with an interesting background. More on that in the future I am sure but not necessarily on this website.

Friday 7th July

Sunday 9th July

I returned to the Woodlands Hotel again on Sunday morning, accompanied by my wife. The many spacious car parks were full of stunning ‘Big’ Healeys of all marks, a few Sprites of which at least one was of the ‘Sebring’ variety. There was also a very tasty offering from the ‘Frogeye Car Company’ which was based upon the Isle of Wight. It was fitted with a 1.6 Ltr. ‘K’ series engine amongst many other components never dreamed of when the first Mk. One Sprite was conceived. Sadly only one Jensen-Healey, that of Membership Secretary, Jim Palmer. I say sadly because I have to reveal that I have a Jensen background. Whilst I did not work at the company when the J-H was being made the ‘J’ still causes me to show an interest.

The event had been blessed with glorious weather from the start and everyone was intent of making the most of it. Many old acquaintances were renewed and new ones made under the beautiful Warwickshire sky.

Marc Beacham was there with the very professional AH Spares of Southam trade stand. I saw a number of members seeking his advice.

Here are just a few photos of some of the many cars present on Sunday –



Austin Healeys seen at Chateau Impney on Saturday 8th July –


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