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Since 2012 I have been taking photos of classic and or rare cars wherever I have seen them. This has mainly been at car shows in the U.K. but also includes trips to the U.S.A. and Europe.

The collection now runs into several hundred digital images. Some of them feature very rare cars indeed, cars which many car enthusiasts are unlikely to come across in the metal.

I am now presenting you with the opportunity to build up your own CarScene Classic Car Photo Album, for you to look at and treasure for as long as you have an interest in Classic Cars. If you’re like me that will be for a lifetime. If you are going to keep a digital album – the most economical and eco-friendly way of keeping a photo album i.m.o., then this can be done by using ‘Google Photos’ (which I use) or other similar internet based photo storage programs.

A Special Audience

Owners of classic cars and clubs who cater for them, often express concern about who is likely follow in their footsteps. Young people these days have so many different calls upon their time and interests. Building a digital Classic Car Photo Album will help youngsters develop an interest in Classic Cars and give their parents and grandparents an opportunity to foster that interest by subscribing towards photos for their offsprings Album.

A Growing Archive

The number of photos offered at launch represents only about a third of the (growing) total available but one has to start somewhere! Throughout the year I will send to subscribers blocks of ten cars. If I have front and rear shots of all those ten cars then that means you will receive twenty watermarked thumbprint images.

Then you can decide which ones you want to order for your album.

Important Note – For obvious reasons, the photos in the “Shop” are all “Watermarked Thumbprints”. The digital images that you receive will not be watermarked.


I have divided the collection into three periods –

Pre 1940s 

1931 Stutz DV-32 Convertible Victoria by Rollston
1931 Stutz DV-32 Convertible Victoria by Rollston







1940 to 1980

1952 Bentley Continental R Type
1952 Bentley Continental R Type






1980 to present

2016 Lamborghini Huracan lp 610
2016 Lamborghini Huracan lp 610







And then into Country of origin –

American, British, European and Japanese.

The original purpose of these images was for them to be used in relevant posts on the website.
I now believe that other people might be interested in purchasing digital copies. They may be used for the following purposes –
Personal Uses –
  • Building a personal photo album of favourite cars etc.
  • Order Wall Posters from our dedicated service. A planned future service not yet available.
  • Making into Framed Pictures using our dedicated service. A planned future service not yet available.

Commercial Uses –

  • Magazine and Newspaper Articles.
  • Advertising including Sales Brochures.

Pricing for individuals with no commercial licencing –

Digital Images (without watermarking) price per digital image transmitted as an email attachment.

Less than 500KB    – £1.95 (majority) to £3.95 (other currencies at the prevailing rate of exchange).

This size is ideal for a digital, computer based, album. Here is an example –



The majority of pf photos shown in the “shop” are front three-quarter views. Rear three-quarter views are also available for most of the cars, if you are interested in having a “rear view” photo in addition to a “front view” one then please ask about availability via email. 

Larger resolution images – 

If you want to print the images for framing or making posters then they need to be of a larger resolution. Images of a minimum of 2MB are available from £3.95 (majority) to £5.95

For front and rear photos, ordered together, the prices are £5.50 to £7.50 (other currencies at the prevailing rate of exchange)


Some high-value images will have their own individual prices. They will be shown on the specific image. This note applies to both private and commercial orders.


Introductory Offer – For a limited period (the length of which will be determined solely by – notification of withdrawal of the offer will be given on this page of the website), PERSONAL (non-commercial) customers who purchase a minimum of three images will receive a free digital image copy (without Watermark) of the “My CarScene Classic Car Photo Album” cover, normally worth £4.50.

My CarScene Photo Album Cover



Prices for images issued with a Commercial Use licence

2MB and above – £14.95 (other currencies at the prevailing rate of exchange). High value photos as per price shown on the order form.


Important Notice for both Personal and Commercial usage –

Before placing orders please click on the Terms & Conditions button below. All orders placed and accepted are on the basis that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.   

Terms & Conditions page –

CarScene Classic Cars – Digital Images – Terms & Conditions

To Start Building Your Classic Car Album Enter the “Shop” here –Aston Martin Vantage Racer

Note: –

If you enter the “shop” and place an order it is assumed that you have read and agree with the Terms & Conditions.



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