Grand Prix Bordino 2024

The P Bordino VCC was founded in Alessandria in 1983, in memory of the racing “Ace” Pietro Bordino nicknamed “Il diavolo rosso - the red devil“ Pietro Bordino was a successful racing driver who had a notable career until he tragically died in an accident during practice for the Circuit of Alessandria race of 1928. […]

SCM 1000 Tour – 2024

Running Y Resort 5500 Running Y Road,, Klamath Falls, OR

The SCM 1000 is an all-inclusive, hub-and-spoke tour, with just one check-in for your five-night stay. Four driving days will be spent exploring the backroads of the Pacific Northwest with enthusiasts like yourself. Scenic highlights may include Crater Lake, Redwood National Forest, the Oregon Coast, Diamond Lake and the newly created Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, and […]