I first came across Bournemouth’s Classics on the Prom in May 2015. We were spending a few days in Bournemoth again, including a Sunday, so naturally I took some time out to see what classic cars were on show this time.

Before I share the photos that I took on this occasion here is what the organisers say about themselves –

Come and join our weekly displays this summer behind the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) on West Overcliff Promenade. We start our season on an early Sunday in April.

All pre August 1983 vehicles are welcome totally free of charge to our events.

Sunday’s vary with the time of the year and weather with 70 to 130 Classic cars normally display. Our record display stands at 396 which was at our Christchurch Quay finale in September 2017.

We have an ever-changing weekly line-up of vehicles which date from 1915 up to the early 1980s. Free admission for all eligible vehicles (vehicles can arrive and depart at any time) and always for all our displays it is free public viewing. No pre-booking – although Club groups are asked to contact the organisers in advance via our contact page.

Our displays are open to all cars and motor bikes (in the classic spirit) registered before August 1983. The organisers retain the right to refuse entry to extensively modified vehicles that could prejudice public safety and the events public liability insurance, ie exposed engines, missing bodywork, unprotected exhaust systems etc.

New Years Day usually attracts (weather permitting) around 100 cars aged from the 1920’s up to our cut off registration date which must be before August 1983. (Conditions may apply).”

If you live within reasonable travelling distance of Bournemouth and own a classic car built before August 1983, then you might want to consider showing your car off to Bournemouth’s holiday makers.

Here are some of the cars that caught my eye on Sunday 16th June 2019 –

Lagonda 4.5Ltr. Sports

1930s Lagonda 4.5Ltr. Sports two seater.


1967 -69 MGC

Austin Big Four

1924 Austin 12/4

Austin Big Four Cabriolet

1922 Austin 12/4 Cabriolet

Austin Ten

c. 1932 Austin 10/4 four door saloon

Humber Vogue saloon

Mid 1930s Humber Vogue Pillarless two door Saloon

Hot Rod

A fine example of an American inspired Hot Rod

Jaguar E Type

1971 Jaguar E Type 4.2 Ltr. soft top.

Not on the Prom but in a street nearby – so good I couldn’t resist



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