In Part One I shared photos of some classic cars, most of which had been subject to restoration work at some stage in their lives.

But the ‘Practical Classics’ Classic Car & Restoration Show is unique in displaying cars that either are in need of restoration or are part way through such work.

I freely admit that to embark upon such work is beyond both my ability and desire but I greatly admire those people who can turn a rusting heap of iron into a very desirable and in some cases, valuable, motor car.

The following photographs provide examples of both those stages – i) basket case (to some)/quest of a lifetime (to others) ii) Well on the way to completion –

1961 – 64 Ford Consul Capri about to be restored – quite a rare car with less than 20,000 being built in total.

A restored version

1935 – 37 Fordson ‘Tug’. Only 111 built. Displayed on the Ford Sidevalve Owners Club stand.

1950 – 53 Austin A40 Sports made by Jensen Motors, West Bromwich. Another quite rare car, only around 4000 being built.

1949 – 52 Austin A90 Atlantic. Designed specifically for the U.S. market it was a total flop. Less than 8000 cars built in total, only 350 being sold in the U.S. I have always liked its styling.

1963 – 70 Bond Equipe c. 4400 built. Fibreglass body on Triumph Herald/Vitesse chassis frame. This is quite a rare model in  having a GT4S body mounted on a Vitesse 2.0Ltr. chassis.

1955 – 62 MGA. This is a 1962 1600 Mk II version.

1973 Macari Peerless – A real mystery car, even to its current owner, Gary Bates. Based on a Warwick /Peerless which themselves were based upon Triumph TR 3/4 chassis, the car’s documents refer to it as a Macari. But who was Macari? Can you help Gary find out?

c. 1915 Dodge Roadster.



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