Miscellaneous Cars

The purpose of the ‘Miscellaneous Cars’ webpage is to host photos of unusual cars.

This could be the first of many!

A Rover Metro seen on 21/05/21 –

Ratty - Rover Metro

Ratty Rover Metro

Ratty Rover Metro
Love the wheels!
Ford Model A
Ford Model A photographed at Hidcote Gardens Gloucestershire 10/06/21

Ford Model A

Austin A40 Devon
c 1950 Austin A40 Devon in an “unloved” condition, Leamington Spa. Photographed in 2018

c. !950 Austin A40 Devon

1983 - 89 Alfa Romeo Spider Series III
1983 – 89 Alfa Romeo Spider Series III. Photographed in a Warwickshire Hotel car park in 2018.

!983 - 89 Alfa Romeo Spider Series III

Maruti Suzuki
1990s Maruti Suzuki 800. Photographed in Malta 2018 

Maruti Suzuki

Austin Alegro
Austin Alegro photographed in Malta 2018

Fiat 850 Sport
Fiat 850 Sport photographed in Vilamoura Portugal 2017

Wartburg 353 Police Car
Wartburg 353 Police Car photographed at Retro Warwick 2019

VW Kurierwagen (Type 181)
VW Kurierwagen (Type 181) photographed at Retro Warwick 2019
Hillman Imp
Hillman Imp tastefully presented. Submitted by Bally Toor, July 2021
Mitsuoka Roadster
Mitsuoka Roadster seen in Balsall Common Village July 2021 photos submitted by the owner.

Mikusoka Roadster

Polestar 2
Polestar 2 photographed in Sutton Park 18/08/21

Polestar 2

Alvis TE/TF
Alvis TE/TF photographed at Burton Agnes, North Yorkshire 09/09/2021

Alvis TE/TF

Porsche 911 GT3 RS
Porsche 911 GT3 RS seen in Vilamoura, Portugal on 26/04/22

Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Front.

Microcar Highlander.
Microcar Highlander seen in Vilamoura, Portugal on 27/04/22

Microcar Highland. Rear.

1974 -78 Renault 4L
1974 -78 Renault 4L seen at the Hilton Spa Hotel Vilamoura on 28/04/22. In wonderful condition, owned by the same family since new!

1974 -78 Renault 4L. Rear

Holly Grange, Balsall Common 08/05/22
Holly Grange, Balsall Common 08/05/22
Triumph TR3 restoration project
Triumph TR3 restoration project seen at the Aysgarth Garage/Country Store, Yorkshire Dales. 7/09/2022

Triumph TR3 restoration project rear

MGA Mk.I Restoration Project.
MGA Mk. I restoration project, seen at the Aysgarth Garage/Country Stores, Yorkshire Dales 07/09/2022

MGA Mk.I Restoration Project. Rear.

MGA Mk.I Restoration Project. - cockpit.

1972 BMW 3.0 CSL
1972 BMW 3.0 CSL. Photographed in Coventry April 2023
2023 Citroen e Ami
2023 Citroen e Ami. Photographed at the Stellantis & You dealership in Coventry, April 2023

If you see an unusual car on your travels and wish to share what you have seen with others, send digital images hereinfo@carsceneinternational.com

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