As a supporter of the Rootes Archive Centre Trust (RACT) my main reason for being at Gaydon on Sunday 17 July 2022 was to attend the inaugural Rootes Heritage Day, being held on the same day as the ‘Old Ford Rally’.

Where I had parked my car meant that I encountered the Ford Rally first – what a massive array of pre-1995 Fords were on display. I had been to the BMC & Leyland Show the previous week, which was very well attended by both display vehicles and visitors, I got the impression that the Ford Rally was even bigger in terms of the cars on display. One of the reasons for this particularly large gathering was that the Capri 280 Group was celebrating its 35th anniversary. Being the “petrolhead” that I am I couldn’t walk through this wonderful collection of Ford cars, many that I remembered from my youth (Ford 100E, if you’re wondering), without taking some photos. Here they are –

Ford Y

Ford Y & C Register Badge

Ford Model Y (Ford Eight)

Ford Model Y Engine.

Ford Model A (USA)

Ford Model A "Shabby Chic".

Ford Model A "Shabby Chic" interior.

Ford Model A "Shabby Chic". Rear.

Ford Model A 'Town Car'.

Ford Model A Tudor

Ford Model A De Luxe Phaeton

Ford Model A De Luxe Phaeton. Rear.

Ford Eifel (Germany)

Ford Eifel (Germany) Roadster.

Ford Eifel (Germany) Roadster. Rear.

Ford 100 E

Ford 100 E Popular customised.

Ford 100 E Popular customised. Rear

Ford Consul Mk. II

Ford Consul Mk. II

Ford Zephyr/Zodiacs Mk. II

Ford Zephyr/Zodics Mk.II

Ford Zephyr/Zodiacs Mk. III

Ford Zephyr/Zodiacs Mk. III

Ford Zodiac Mk. III

Ford Consul Classic

Ford Consul Classic

Ford Consul Classics

Ford Capri

Ford Capri Group at Gaydon 17 July 2022

Ford Capri 280 Laser

Ford Capri 280 Laser Engine Bay

Ford Capri 280 Laser. Rear.




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Rootes Heritage Day –

Rootes Heritage Day at the British Motor Museum Gaydon 2022