Peugeot Sport Pugfest 2015
I was invited to the 29th holding of this event (called the Peugeot GTi Owners Club Convention when it was first held in 1986) by current Peugeot Sport Club chairman Stuart Farrimond. The day started cold, a little showery, breezy and overcast but by lunch time the event was blessed by warm sunshine to match the incredibly enthusiastic mood of the attendees.
The highlights for me were: –

  1. The appropriateness of the venue – The Bugatti Owners Club’s Prescott Hill-climb.
  2. The large number of Peugeot 309 GTIs and Goodwoods present. These models tended to live in the shadow of their 205 siblings ‘in the day’. That is why I was so pleased to see so many at this event. (see photos below)
  3. The French contingent proudly flying the tricolor and displaying their interesting cars. (see photos below)
  4. The friendliness and enthusiasm of every one I spoke to.
  5. The presence of a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder in the top car park.

Here are some photos: –



In the Paddock 






















A 308CC with nice ‘custom’ wheels



Show & Shine

‘Par Exellence’


 ‘On the Hill’




















309 GTis and Goodwoods


Les Francais







Points of Interest

Brembo Calipers
A Lowering too far?

Grayson Perry’s cars?


A Car that even Peugeot GTi owners might aspire to

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder




What a fantastic event. Well done to all, especially the organisers and helpers on the day.

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