Part One – Modern Era Racers and Others

Europe’s No.1 historic motor sport show came to Warwickshire’s Stoneleigh Park once again on the week-end of 22 -24 February 2019. Sponsored by Motor Sport magazine the show is a true Mecca for all motor sport fans whether their interest be in single seater racing cars, Sports Racing cars, Saloon Car racing, Rallying or Trials cars; they are all to be found at Race Retro.

And if you fancy going racing or rallying yourself then there are several race and rally driving schools in attendance who can show you the way. Or, if you want to build your own race or rally car, suppliers of all the necessary components are at Race Retro too.  The enthusiastic atmosphere has to be experienced to be believed, the organisers must spray gasoline into the air :-).

For me it is the aesthetics of cars that holds most appeal and seeing cars in racing or rallying trim enhances that appeal. So, having traipsed around Hall 2 looking for stand 412 (Historic Marathon Rally Group) to meet friends of a friend, as well as looking at all the other displays, I eventually found myself in Hall 3 aka ‘The Hall of Fame’.

Wow! a veritable smorgasbord of automotive delights greeted me there. I was reacquainted with a car that I had admired in my youth but had not encountered it again until to day – the Deep Sanderson DS301. A most unlikely hero of the 1963 Le Mans 24 hour race with its rear mounted 997cc Mini engine. Although it did not complete the race its claim to fame was by achieving   152.6 kph as it passed through ‘Les Hunaudières’ café speed-trap on the Mulsanne Straight. I had first encountered it at the 1962 Racing Car Show, held at London’s Olympia exhibition hall. If you are interested in reading about David v Goliath events taking place in automobile history then the Deep Saunderson story is certainly one of those. Not as successful as the Biblical David and not particularly long lived but certainly full of endeavour and courage.

But that was only one car that excited my senses there were many more. Have a look for yourself –

1959 Austin Healey 3000 Mk 1 FIA Race Car

A Couple of “Moggies” (Morgans) in Racing trim


Ford GT 40

Ford GT40 FAS 74 D in Gulf Oil colours (Hall of Fame)

1999 Audi R8C (Hall of Fame)

1987 Porsche 962 (Hall of Fame)

Aston Martin Vantage

MG B GT V8 Series Racer

Triumph SMR (Le Mans) replica

Ford Lotus Cortina

Ford Lotus Cortina

Porsche ‘Spyder’ replica by Spyder Inc.

1963 Deep Saunderson (mid Engined Mini Engine) (Hall of Fame)

1962 Sunbeam Alpine Le Mans racer (Hall of Fame)

Mid 1950s Lotus 11 (Hall of Fame)

1957 AC Ace Bristol 2.0Ltr.

1962 -64 Ogle SX1000

1962 -64 Ogle SX1000 (Mini based)


I have come to the conclusion that there is too much to share in one bite so I have broken the offering into two.

This is part One – “Modern Era Racers and Others” and Part Two will be  “Modern Era Rally Cars and Vintage racers”.

Congratulations to Clarion Events and Poppyseed Media Ltd for their excellent organistion of this event as usual.



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