I am a member of the Jensen Owners Club Forum and earlier this year a fellow member drew my attention to the existence of the Studio 434 Classic Car Collection located near the North East section of the M25. The reason why he mentioned it to me is because it contains an unusually large number of Jensens, of all types.

I made a note that when I had a moment I would arrange to go and see the collection and the Jensens in particular. That opportunity occurred in July 2014. My wife an I were graciously given an exclusive viewing. Had we been Royalty we could not have been treated with more courtesy, we spent the best part of three hours looking at and being guided around the stunning cars which make up the collection.

This is not just a collection of Classic Cars it is a ‘Working Group’ of cars. When they are not resting in the Museum many of them can be found on exotic film and TV drama sets around the U.K. Whenever you see a stunning car in both modern and period  films and dramas there is a very good chance that it has been supplied by Studio 434.

I mention this because photographing the cars for this post was not one of my easiest assignments; because the cars have to be moved frequently and because there are a lot of them, the juxtaposition, one to another, does not allow sufficient space to get the best angle and the harsh fluorescent lighting is not ideal either. I say this because, in all honesty, the cars shown in the following photographs, only a tiny fraction of those on show, deserve better than that which I have been able to produce. 
Nevertheless, I am sure they will be sufficient to fire your imagination and create a desire to want to find out more about them and the 
Studio 434 Collection in general.

1961 Daimler SP250 (Dart) 2.5Ltr. V8
1923 Bentley 3.0 Ltr. Blue Label Tourer



1950 SS Jaguar Mk. V 3.5Ltr. Saloon
1977 Aston Martin DBR2 Replica

1930 Austin Seven ‘White Rabbit’ Monoposto Racing Car

1960 MGA 1600 Hard Top


1950 MG Y Type Tourer

1998 Ferrari 550 Maranello Coupe


1939 Lagonda LG6 (4.5Ltr.) Drop Head Coupe

1990 Aston Martin Lagonda (William Towns) Series 4

1930’s Lagonda Monoposto Racing Car




1951 Healey Tickford Sports Saloon (2.4 Ltr. Riley engine)



1964 Austin Healey 3000 Mk.III

1954 Austin Healey 100 4 BN1


1952 Jensen Interceptor Drop-head 4.0Ltr. Straight 6

1956 Jensen 514 Sports saloon 4.0 Ltr. straight 6
1970 Jensen FF 6.3 Ltr. Chrysler V8

1965 Jensen C-V8 Chrysler 6.3 Ltr.

 1987 Jensen (Cars) Interceptor Series 4 Coupe 
5.9 Ltr. Chrysler V8 

1976 Jensen Healey GT 
Lotus 2.0 Ltr. DOHC 4cyl. engine


1973 Jensen Healey Hardtop

Unfortunately the 1938 Jensen ‘S’ Type was not on site at the time of my visit.
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