The Warwick Classic Car Show show started in 2009 and until this year was called ‘Retro Warwick’. Last year was the first time that the historic organisation of the  Warwick Court Leet got involved in the organisation, that continued for this year and what a friendly and helpful bunch of people the members are. A special thanks to the lady member who, with her husband, owns the Austin Seven Chummy featured below. She went out of her way to introduce me to Matt and Alan, two of the organisers. I also said hello to Councillor Richard Eddy, Mayor of Warwick and Mark Robertson his Consort. They were there in support of the event, a much appreciated gesture.

This was the fourth year that I have attended this event and the first that the sun hasn’t shone brightly, ironic when considering that this has been one the best summers, for hot sunny weather, the U.K. has seen for many years. Inevitably numbers of both exhibitors and visitors were down from previous years. But the enthusiasm on display was undiminished. Many thanks to the owners of some stunning cars who braved the weather to turn up this year to give us petrol heads something very worthwhile to drool over. We certainly were not disappointed. Here is just a flavour of the cars on show: –

Councillor Richard Eddy Mayor of Warwick

c 1936 Singer Sports

1951 MG Y Type

1927 Austin Seven Chummy

c. 1969 Shelby Mustang GT 350

Ford Popular Hot Rod

1930s Ford Pick Up Hot Rod

1956 Buick Century 4 Dr. Coupe

c. 1982 Pontiac Firebird

c. 1978 Triumph TR 7 V8

Triumph TR7 owned by Jim Pickard

1987 Panther Kallister

c.1948 MG TC

c.1956 Standard 10

1955 Standard 8

c. 1960 Morris Minor 1000. There is concours, pristine and then this car – superb condition!

c. 1966 Volkswagen Type 3 TL

c. 1970 Volkswagen 411 Variant. This photo proves that a car can be fun without being pristine!

1975 Alfa Romeo 1600 GT Junior

No need to tell you what this is. Although it wasn’t the success that everyone, especially the British Government, wanted it to be, it has certainly earned its place in automotive folklore.

1932 Norton Motorcycle in racing trim

Warwick was the home of the Donald Healey Motor Company and this is acknowledged by this display in the Town’s Market Hall Museum.


That’s all folks! Thanks to the Warwick Court Leet and all those who made this such an enjoyable motoring experience but a special thanks to all those who brought your cars to display.