Warwick University (Coventry) reached its 50th anniversary in October 2015 and a range of celebratory events were held over the week-end of 16 – 18 October under the heading of ‘Festival of the Imagination’.

One of the displays was called ‘Motor City’ and was a joint venture between Coventry Transport Museum and Jaguar Land Rover. The latter group have a strong partnership with the University and recruit many of its future engineers and managers from there.

‘Motor City’ was a display of a selection of cars from Coventry Transport Museum’s ‘made in Coventry’ collection, supplemented by a couple of cars from private owners together with a selection of high specification Range Rovers and Jaguars.

Amongst the JLR exhibits there was an intriguing Jaguar XF with full ‘R Sport’ body and wheels specification but with a 2.0Ltr diesel engine. There was an R Sport badge on the front wing and just a 2.0 dt badge on the boot. A very strange combination i.m.o.

Here is what the Coventry Transport Museum had on display plus the two privately owned cars –



The bodies for the Austin Gypsy 4 x 4 were made by Jesnen Motors of West Bromwich.


Talbot Sunbeam Lotus

The Lotus 2.2Ltr. (150 BHP)Slant Four (cylinder) O.H.C. engine fitted to the
Talbot Sunbeam was basically the same engine (code 907) that was used for the time in the Jensen-Healey sportscar in 1972. In that form it was a 2.0Ltr. producing 144 BHP.
By the time it was fitted to the Sunbeam Jensen and Lotus had fixed all the initial teething problems that had so badly marred the reputation of the early Jensen -Healeys.

A nicely presented 1969 Sunbeam Stiletto

Sinclair C5 battery operated run-about. 
The University used these vehicles for security officers to move around the campus in the 1980s. When a change of plan caused them to be discarded a lecturer bought this one.
This can be described as an intriguing and innovative product for which a market was never found. Discuss!


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