The Association of Healey Owners caters for Owners and Enthusiasts of cars that were built by the Donald Healey Motor company, in Warwick, UK, between 1946 and 1954. These cars are also known as Warwick Healeys or pre-BMC/pre-Austin Healeys.

Just to remind you, those cars are –

  • Westland drophead coupe.
  • Elliot 2 door saloon.
    Healey Elliot

    Phil Robinson’s car which will be on the tour

  • Duncan – Saloon and  drophead coupe.

    Photographed at the Healey Museum NL.

    Photographed at the Healey Museum NL.

  • Sportsmobile 4 seater open sports car

    Photographed at the Healey Museum NL.

  • Silverstone 2 seater open sports racing car.
  • Tickford 2 door saloon.

    This is Terry Bracey Wright’s car which competed in the 1953 Monte Carlo Rally and will also be on the September Tour.

Abbot drophead coupe.
  • Nash Healey 2 seater open sports car.
  • Sports convertible/Alvis Healey

The Tour

The Silverstone model, designed to be a reasonably priced club racer, was launched in July 1949. In recognition of that car’s seventieth anniversary members of the Association have decided to undertake a motoring tour taking in some historic locations associated with Donald Healey and his cars. At the same time taking the opportunity to say hello to members along the way.

The Tour is complete now what follows is a record of what happened (see Phil’s Blog) and the cars and their owners that turned up during the Tour. Especially it is a record of the final day in Warwick, the Donald Healey Motor Company’s “home town”.

For historic purposes, a link to the ‘Itinerary’ is given at the bottom of the page.

The cars that turned up on the First Day


Sunday September 8th


Warwick Market Hall Museum, Market Square, Warwick, where there will be a Healey Exhibition from May – September 2020.

Here is a photographic record of the cars that turned up during the Tour from Norfolk to Warwickshire via Essex, Sussex, Devon and Cornwall plus numerous other counties in between.

Photos credited to Warren Kennedy

Two tone Blue Westland

Peter Healey's MkIV Sprite

Austin Healey 100 M

Austin Healey 3000

Austin Healey Sprite MkI

Austin Healey 3000

Healey Elliot Blue


Jensen Healey

Healey Silverstone BRG

Nash Healey

Healey Abbot

Healey Tickford

Silver Green Healey Silverstone

Austin Healey 100

Healey Silverstone BRG

Healey Silverstone White

Healey Silverstone Red


The final day in The Market Square, Warwick, Sunday 8th September 2019 –

I am delighted to say “I was there”. Here are some of the photos that I took –

AOHO Members in Warwick

Association of Healey Owners Members in Warwick, home of the Donald Healey Motor Company.

AOHO Banner

Healey Beutler

Healey Beutler Rear

Healey Silverstone White

Silverstone front suspension

healey Westland

Nash Healey

Abbot Healey

AH 100 Special No. 19

** See below



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