The MG Car Club was formed in 1930 by the MG Car Company Limited. The Company itself was incorporated in July 1930 having previously been a marketing brand (Morris Garages) of Morris Motors. The company was based in Abingdon, Oxon and although the greater part of the factory no longer exists, the Club’s Head Office, Kimber House on Cemetery Road, is situated on the edge of what was once the MG Car Company’s headquarters and factory. This is where Cecil Kimber (Managing Director from 1935-1945) and John Thornley (General Manager and subsequently Managing Director) successfully ran one of the world’s most well-known and well-respected car manufacturing companies. Kimber House is not only home to the Club’s administration staff but there is also a wide collection of both club and company archives and artefacts held in a small museum. There are two links below covering the history of the Club in greater detail and a visit I made to Kimber House in 2018.

The Club celebrated its 90th Anniversary in the grounds of the British Motor Museum at Gaydon, Warwickshire, on the 10th October, 2020. Members and guests brought various examples of their treasured MG cars to honour the Cub and the Marque. I was delighted to be there to capture the scene, here are a few photos that I took –

Pre 1940

1932 MG J2 Special

1932 MG J2 Special


1929 MG M Type Special

1929 M Type Special

1937 -39 VA Tickford Convertible

1937 -39 VA Tickford Convertible

MG Y Type

MG Y Type. Conceived in the late 1930s but didn’t reach the market until after WWII.

!940s – 1950s 

1945 - 1950 MG TC

1945 – 1950 MG TC

Eaton Supercharger

In recent years this car has been fitted with an Eaton Supercharger

1950 -53 MG TD

1950 -53 MG TD

1953 -55 MG TF

1953 -55 MG TF

1950s – 1960s

1955 - 62 MGA

1955 – 62 MGA

1956 - 58 MG ZB Magnette

1956 – 58 MG ZB Magnette

1960s – 70s

1961 - 69 MG Magnette Mk IV

1961 – 69 MG Magnette Mk IV (Corporate BMC Farina body design)

      MGB 1962 – 1980

MGB GT 50th MG Anniversary Edition

1975 MGB GT 50th MG Anniversary Edition

1967 - 69 MGC GT Special Edition by University Motors?/Downton Engineering

1967 – 69 MGC GT Special Edition by University Motors/Downton Engineering

1973 - 76 MGB GT V8

1973 – 76 MGB GT V8

         MG Midget

1967 - 74 MG Midget Mk III

1967 – 74 MG Midget Mk III

Rover and MG Rover Era (1986 – 2005)         

1992 - 95 MGR V8

1992 – 95 MGR V8



1995 - 2005 (UK Production) MG F

1995 – 2005 (UK Production) MGF. “Customised” car shown.

2001 - 2005 MGZR

2001 – 2005 MGZR

2003 - 2005 MG MaxPower SV - R

2003 – 2005 MG MaxPower SV – R

SAIC Ownership

2010 - 2016 MG 6

2010 – 2016 MG 6

So, there we are just a view examples of the wonderful array of MG cars on display at the 90th Anniversary event.

I hope that you enjoyed viewing the photos.

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