The purpose of this post is to pull all the WHMCA Bulletins, Healey News Bulletins and CSI posts, featuring Healey topics, into one place in order to facilitate easy access.


The Warwickshire County Record Office (WCRO) bought the Healey Motor Company archive, from Geoffrey Healey’s family, in 2016. It was able to do so with the aid of funds supplied by the Heritage Lottery fund and others, including donations from Healey clubs and individual enthusiasts. I became a volunteer to the archive in the same year, my main contribution was to conduct ‘oral history’ recordings with former employees, racing drivers and owners. I was one of about five people undertaking a similar task. The results can be listened to at the Record Office, Warwick. Transcripts can also be read on the Record Office website.   

In order to bring the archive catalogue and its contents to the attention of Healey enthusiasts around the world, I started writing the WHMCA Bulletins and hosting them on my CSI website, in October 2017. These Bulletins were published monthly up to and including September 2018. The full background of how and why the archive was purchased and how the Bulletins came into being is given in the first WHMCA Bulletin.

In September 2018 I decided that I had done as much as I could to “showcase” the Warwick Healey Archive to the Healey community worldwide. I was going to stop publishing WHMCA Bulletins but some subscribers expressed their disappointment in this action, so, I introduced the ‘Healey News Bulletin’. The idea behind this was to broaden the scope of the Bulletins to include other Classic Cars as well as non ‘Healey archive’ Healey topics. This ran for about a year. In the meantime, the ‘’ (CSI) website had attracted a sizable subscription list so I decided to amalgamate both subscriber lists and continue to publish general Classic Car topics but focusing on Healeys whenever possible. That is where we are today.


Here is the complete list of WHMCA Bulletins, ‘Healey News Bulletins’ and CSI posts, featuring Healey topics –


Warwick Healey Motor Company Archive Bulletin

Warwick Healey Motor Company Archive Bulletin II

Warwick Healey Archive Bulletin III

Warwick Healey Motor Company Archive Bulletin IV

Warwick Healey Motor Company Archive Bulletin IVA

Warwick Healey Motor Company Bulletin V

Warwick Healey Motor Company Bulletin VI

Warwick Healey Motor Company Archive Bulletin VII

Warwick Healey Motor Company Bulletin VIII

Warwick Healey Archive Bulletin IX

Warwick Healey Motor Company Archive Bulletin X

WHMCA Bulletin Special Edition – The Austin Healey Sprite’s 60th Anniversary

MASC Sprite 60th at Wroxall Abbey

Healey News Bulletin

Healey News Bulletin Nov ’18

Healey News Bulletin December ’18

Healey News Bulletin January 2019

Healey News Bulletin February 2019

Healey News Bulletin – March 2019

Healey News Bulletin – April 2019

Healey News Bulletin – Donald Healey and Briggs Cunningham

Healey News Bulletin July 2019

Association of Healey Owners ‘Meet the Members Tour’ – September 2019

Healey – The Men and the Machines by John Nikas

Sir Stirling Moss – a Healey Friend

The Jensen GT, Jensen’s Last Hope

Austin Healey 3000 MK.II Restoration






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